wulla Zabelin – Owner

Dj wulla Is living in Denmark, came to SL 2/27/2007. i saw a interview with danish girl in SL on the news telling about how cool sl was and what you could do in the second life world, her name in sl was Imagoel Best. I started working as a Dancer in a danish club called DNK Nightclub
sadly it didnt stay in sl for long and closed but got to be friends with Imagoel, her sl husband and other danes on SL and Imagoel on my real life facebook.  After a year away from SL because of real life education i had no time for games. One day facebook i saw a link from Imagoels facebook she had started a new club called Club it made me sneak back online and get in touch with imagoel again and started work her new place. I made connection with many people there and started my first relationship with a Dj called Ryann Chester, i started to know the word of meaning with SL Family and Ryanns uncle
Shawshank McAndrews worked as dj there too , we had much fun  
and made me stay up many nights playing SL. One day Sexolicious had to close but i was still talking with Ryann and Shawshank. Shawshank was an awesome builder in SL and made my first open air club, because of some intern drama between Shaw and Ryann, Ryann got to leave open air lounge and broke up with me as partner, it was a little hard time for me, and between that time i was scared of loosing my contact to shawshank and Ryanns Aunt Babette Upshaw, but it didnt turn out that way. Babette came to help me and also to run the place with me because Shawshank tock some timeout. I was also enjoying SL and was exploring diffrence clubs and places, one day i came to a club owned by Georigia Beorn called Sinners and Saints nightclub, awesome Djs there and friendly please it became my “second home” on SL, georgia worked at my club aswell.
suddenly oneday shawshank came back and removed all his builds and reason was because SL was deleting his invenotry
ithems, so i was standing left with a emty land and no club ( Remember to trust your friends before letting them own it all ).x
I was in a blackhole and didnt really know what do next, but then one day i asked Babette if she wanted become Co.Owner with
me and we started OUR own place called Oasis Escape Beach Club , it was a great place and we had live artists and djs along with
Babettes business as Photography Studio and shop, it was here aswell i started my Djing. Babette had to take time out sl for a bit because of moving and work in her RL, so i stopped running Oasis Escape Beach and begin stay more at Georginas club and begin stalking a great Dj called Robert Hailey, he djed a place called DP Rock Club owned by JP Lancaster here i made new friendships
and became Dj and MGR along with Lorne Aeon. 


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